January 23, 2016


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A men's underwear that gives you the sensation of freshness and coolness.  Linen underwear create air flow comfort, dry comfort and thermal comfort.


Maqoo is a comfortable underwear


Maqoo is about comfort and good design. We develop amazing fabrics and combine them with minimalist design style.

linen underwear provides comfort 

Linen Underwear For Maintaining Hygiene

The case for linen fabric to keep a wearer dry is strong. Linen is a natural fiber that has unparalleled characteristics in the area of freshness and comfort.  It is one of the most hygienic fabrics a person can wear due to it's air permeability and moisture management

Air Permeability

How well a fabric permits air flow can be felt by a warm or cool sensation when the apparel is worn.  The greater the air flow, the greater the sensation of cooling will be felt.  On testing of linen at the University of Dehli, using an FX 3300 Textest air permeability tester, linen fabric (weighing 298 GSM) that weighed nearly 3 times that of a cotton fabric (weighing 100GSM) being tested, still provided 2.5 times the air permeability of that said cotton.  From this we can see that the linen's breathability is second to none and offers the wearer a dry and clean  environment to the area it covers.

Why is linen so Air Permeable? 

The reason for the high permeability of linen has to do with the structure of the fibers.  They are smooth, with little hairiness relative to other yarns.  It is hairiness, which linen has little of, that causes restriction of air flow.  As well, the large diameter of the fibers create low packing density in the yarn.  This means air flow can pass through the yuan cross-sections.  When you use knitted linen then there are even further gaps created between each thread of yarn.  This gives the wearer of linen an incredible sensation of cooling air flow, which makes the fabric so suitable for summer wear. 


Thermal Insulation 

Linen assist the body with temperature regulation by providing a level of thermal insulation.  This means if the environmental conditions are warmer or cooler than the body, the linen provides a insulation agains this which assist the body in  maintaining its biological desired temperature.  When measured on a Thermolabo KES-FB5, linen demonstrated a higher thermal insulation capability than cotton.  The result to the wearer is linen will help them stay cool when it's hot out, and maintain warmth when it is cold out.  However, it should be noted due to the cooling and air permeability, the fabric performs better for thermal insulation when working to assist the body in cooling in hot weather conditions.


linen thermal insulation


Water permeability

A fabric should allow water vapor to pass through its fibers.  If the fiber cannot offer this, the wearer feels damp and clammy.  When tested, linen allowed for significant vapor transfer.  This is likely due to similar reasons for high air permeability.  Linen performed better than cotton, and significantly better than viscous.  Viscous is one of the lower performing fabrics in water permeability, and this is likely due to its fine fibers creating little space between those fibers when spun, and also little space between those yarns when woven or knit.  The wearer of linen will have a sensation of feeling dry from this inherent water permeability of the fabric.



Behera BK. Comfort and Handle Behavior of Linen-blended Fabrics. Department of Textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology. Delhi, India; 2007: 10

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These are USA sizes.  Size down for European. 


Wrap a measuring tape around your hip bone line, making sure the tape is parallel to the ground. This measurement determines your waist size.  IMPORTANT: Do not rely on your jean size measurements. Just because your jean size is 34 does not mean your waist is 34 inches. Usually, your waist measurements are greater than your jean size.



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