February 07, 2016


travel underwear


A men's underwear that gives you the sensation of freshness and coolness.  Linen underwear create air flow comfort, dry comfort and thermal comfort.


Maqoo is a comfortable underwear


Maqoo is about comfort and good design. We develop amazing fabrics and combine them with minimalist design style.

linen underwear provides comfort 

Different Types Of Fabrics For Apparel


Cotton comes from cotton plant.  The fibers look like flat ribbons that are twisted. The fabric’s characteristics are: good absorbency, drapes well, good strength, dry-cleanable, washes well, and retains dyes well.  Cotton makes a good economical general use fabric.

Linen is a cellulosic fibers made from the stem of the flax  plant.  The fibers appear like small smooth bamboo shoots when viewed under a microscope.  The fabric’s characteristics are: good strength (twice the of cotton), hand-washable or dry-cleanable, excellent absorbency, low elasticity, and feels cool to the touch due to its heat conductivity.  Linen is the most comfortable fabric for hot climates.  



Wool comes from sheep.  The fibers appear to have overlapping scales along the surface.  The fabrics characteristics are: resist wrinkles, resist soiling, is durable, and repels moistures.  Due to its low heat conductivity it is excellent as for winter apparel.

Silk comes from the cocoon of silkworms.  The fiber appears smooth and shiny and is has double strands.  Considered the most luxury fabric because of its luster.  The characteristics of the fabric are: high absorbency, drapes well, shinny appearance, holds color exceptionally well. Similar to wool, it has low heat conductivity so is suitable for winter apparel.  



Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber from wood cellulose.  The fibers appear smooth, almost crystal-like.  The characteristics of the fabric are: highly absorbent, soft and comfortable, easy to dye, weak when wet, easily stains, shrinks when dried.  The fabrics has limited breathability so may feel clammy.

Acetate is derived from wood cellulose reacting with acetate acid and acetate anhydride.  The fiber has a grooved appearance.   The characteristics of the fabric are: low moisture absorbency, fast drying, requires dry-cleaning, drapes well, fairly weak and limited stretch.  Is often used as a designer fabric due to its luster, however it rips easily do the fabric being weak.

Nylon fabrics is made from coal.  The fibers have a smooth appearance.  The characteristics of the fabric are: smooth, light weight, high strength,  and high elasticity.  Nylon’s wind and water resistant make it idea for sports apparel.

Acrylic is made from petroleum.  The fibers appear slightly wavy and translucent.  The characteristics of the fabric are:  excellent wickablility, quick drying, wash easily, and retain shape.  Acrylic fabric is good for sports apparel, however does have a strong synthetic feel.

Polyester is made from petroleum.  The fibers appear fine and hair-like, similar to nylon.  The characteristics of the fabric are: very strong, resistant to shrinking and creasing, dye well.  Often used for sports apparel, however, it does not breath well, has a strong synthetic feel to it, and absorb bacteria so will smell.


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inches 27 - 30 30 - 33 33 - 36 36 - 39 39 - 42
cm  68.5 - 76 76 - 84 84 - 91.5 91.5 - 99 99 - 107


These are USA sizes.  Size down for European. 


Wrap a measuring tape around your hip bone line, making sure the tape is parallel to the ground. This measurement determines your waist size.  IMPORTANT: Do not rely on your jean size measurements. Just because your jean size is 34 does not mean your waist is 34 inches. Usually, your waist measurements are greater than your jean size.



 (Unisex sizing)

US Men's US Woman's Euro UK
XS 31 -34
S 4 - 6 34 - 37 2 - 4.5
M 6 - 8 7 - 9 38 - 41 5.5 - 7.5
L 9 - 11 10 - 12 42 - 45 8.5 - 10.5
XL 12 - 16 46 - 49 11.5 - 15.5