November 22, 2016


travel underwear


A men's underwear that gives you the sensation of freshness and coolness.  Linen underwear create air flow comfort, dry comfort and thermal comfort.


Maqoo is a comfortable underwear


Maqoo is about comfort and good design. We develop amazing fabrics and combine them with minimalist design style.

linen underwear provides comfort 

Travelers 101: Avoid the Tourist Trap

A few years ago first time I visited Asia, it was hard not to stand out. I clearly remember how all the vendors swarm towards me and try to sell whatever they can sell. It is an awakening experience for me, and a realization that I can never get a Bargain on anything I want. So here are some of the suggestions I have:

Research -  Before you hop the plane and daydream about your destination, it is good to equip yourself with the knowledge about the country you are visiting.  Read a lot of blogs, not only just one, also the reviews and comments.  You will learn a lot and it will prepare you.  The earlier you blend in the better, you will not be tagged as a tourist with lots of dollars to spend.  Be confident and act that you know the places  (and the prices) so it will be easy for you to say NO to anyone overcharging you.

Befriend the Locals – The best way to blend in is to befriend locals or expats living in the area.  You can get the best tips about cafes, restaurants, sights to see that are not overrated.  

Avoid tourist spots – Along with your research and preparation, you can also find out the places that are designed to lure tourists to spend.  As much as you want to avoid these spots, you also want to check out the famous sights. Make sure that you know all the ticket prices and the reasonable tour packages.  So that no one can fool you otherwise and rip you off.

Be Smart – Last but very important, in everything you do – Be smart. Have the sixth sense to identify people taking advantage of you between people who just want to earn decently.

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inches 27 - 30 30 - 33 33 - 36 36 - 39 39 - 42
cm  68.5 - 76 76 - 84 84 - 91.5 91.5 - 99 99 - 107


These are USA sizes.  Size down for European. 


Wrap a measuring tape around your hip bone line, making sure the tape is parallel to the ground. This measurement determines your waist size.  IMPORTANT: Do not rely on your jean size measurements. Just because your jean size is 34 does not mean your waist is 34 inches. Usually, your waist measurements are greater than your jean size.



 (Unisex sizing)

US Men's US Woman's Euro UK
XS 31 -34
S 4 - 6 34 - 37 2 - 4.5
M 6 - 8 7 - 9 38 - 41 5.5 - 7.5
L 9 - 11 10 - 12 42 - 45 8.5 - 10.5
XL 12 - 16 46 - 49 11.5 - 15.5